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What Train The Trainer Really Means

        posted by , December 18, 2012

Teaching is a good way to learn.

Hopefully, a teacher knows what they're talking about when training begins. By the time training completes they should know the topic inside out.

Students challenge a teacher. They ask questions such as why? how? what? ... that a teacher had better be able to answer.

The idea that teaching is key to learning has lead to a well known teaching style known as train the trainer.

Definition of Train the Trainer
Train the trainer is a learning technique that teaches students to be teachers themselves.

Train the trainer has several known benefits:

1. Knowledge Retention

People tend to pay attention in class when they know that next time they'll be the instructor.

2. Learning by Teaching

To teach is to learn twice over.
~ Joseph Joubert
Teaching a topic is the best way to reinforce your knowledge. By encouraging your staff to teach, you encourage them to become experts.

3. Creating Leaders

When your employees teach it builds their leadership skills.

4. Cost Reduction

IT and business training can be expensive. By using your employees as instructors you can dramatically reduce training expenditures.

5. Training Follow Up

When your trainers are your employees there are increased opportunities for follow ups. For example, you can give yearly one day brush up training for important skills.

6. Social Reinforcement

There's evidence to suggest that people are more likely to retain knowledge when they know the teacher.

7. Skill Retention

By building a culture of teaching you can achieve a greater depth of skill retention for your organization.

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