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The Next Step for Technology: Take Over the Real World

        posted by , May 02, 2011

The technology industry is fundamentally different from bricks-and-mortar industries such as energy, retail, transportation and materials: they have a smaller gap between business and IT.

The Business - IT Gap

The importance of technology has risen exponentially since the 1970s. Whether you are a bank, manufacturer, retail brand or grocer — technology is your business.

Despite this undeniable trend — many bricks and mortar companies suffer a huge gap between business and technology:

- business staff are reluctant to participate in IT projects
- business and IT alienation
- business-IT knowledge gap
- technology is viewed as a cost to be minimized

business technology gap

Technology is the Business

Technology companies enjoy a more aligned business and IT:

- IT viewed as revenue
- more cooperation between business and IT
- business knowledgeable about technology

technology companies

The Future of Competition

As the relative importance of technology to bricks-and-mortar industries continues to rise:

- IT will be key to revenue
- successful businesses will align business and IT
- technology companies will be tempted to enter new industries
- technology companies may be able to compete with brick-and-mortar companies in their own industry

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