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A guide to business risk including many examples of risk.

9 Examples of Positive Risk »

Can risk be positive? A back-to-basics risk management definition.

The words strategic risk strike fear into the hearts of investors and executive leaders everywhere.

Risk is celebrated as the brave and alluring basis for economic progress. But risk has a dark side ...

Risk is bad and should be minimized … right?

People don't like positive-negatives. I mean who ever heard of a pleasant disaster or lovely tragedy?

Business risk is the chance of losses and negative consequences that result from business strategy and operations.

What project managers can learn from investment bankers.

A business with competitive advantage is like a star professional athlete: they're in a league of their own. They're not necessarily good at everything but they do a few things very well.

Sustainable competitive advantage is dead, long live transient advantage.

Lists of business metrics.

You've worked hard to cultivate a relationship with the customer. You've helped them to understand your product inside-out. You've addressed their objections and given them compelling reasons to buy. Now it's time to get to the point — close!

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