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Nibble Sales Strategy

        posted by , February 10, 2013

Sales is a highly competitive profession.

Every little extra helps you to meet your quota. Nibbling is a highly successful negotiation technique that may allow you to boost your monthly figures.

Definition of Nibbling

Nibbling is a negotiation technique in which a negotiator asks for small concessions just as a deal is about to close. This tactic takes advantage of the other side's desire to close the deal. A nibble is often phrased "just one more thing ... ".

Examples of Nibbling

Salary Negotiations
A salary agreement is reached and the employer asks "just one more thing, I need you to start right away ... "

You buy a pair of shoes and the salesperson demonstrates a miracle shoe protection product at the cash.

You make a donation and the charity representative asks if you'd mind subscribing to their monthly newsletter.

You agree to the price of a car and the salesperson offers you options and rustproofing.

You buy electronics and the salesperson offers an extended warranty.

Nibbling & Customer Relationships

Aggressive nibbling tactics can lower customer satisfaction and damage your relationship with your customers.

Nibbling is so common that customers commonly report it as an annoyance.

Nibbling can fuel post-purchase regret and negative word-of-mouth.

The key to nibbling success is to offer the customers something they might truly want. It's recommended to monitor your customer's satisfaction with nibbling purchases.

This article is a installment in the ongoing series of posts called how to win at sales.

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