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Marketing Strategy

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The strategies you've been looking for to move your business forward.

How do you set your prices? The dynamic and intensely competitive part of marketing strategy.

You may not be interested in strategy but strategy is interested in you. The need-to-know marketing strategies for any business.

Compelling stories happen to businesses who can tell them.

Strategies to handle different market positions and competitive challenges.

A hard sell is an aggressive sales pitch used in promotions and advertising.

How rollout strategy makes or breaks your new products.

A brand persona is a person or fictional character that represents your brand.

Customer experience encompasses every interaction between a business and a customer.

Your customers are driven by emotions. They want to be intrigued. They want to laugh. They want to see interesting people do interesting things.

It is difficult to tackle a large market all at once. Market segments improve your sales results.

Niche marketing is based on a military strategy known as a flank attack. If you're a small force attacking a much larger force you don't attack them directly — you attack at the flank where their force isn't strong.

Generating publicity is almost fun. There are several ways to get into the publicity game ...

People in the same demographic think and act differently. If you really want to target customers, it's often better to focus on how they think.

Win-win publicity is a strategy to find lucrative publicity partnerships.

Quality is to business what gravity is to the universe. But what is quality?

The following definitions look at quality from a management, quality assurance, product, marketing, manufacturing and economic point of view.

A list of adjectives commonly used in advertising slogans and copy.

Strategies that fail to adapt to these forces are a recipe for disaster.

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