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        posted by , June 03, 2013

Marketing is the fun part of business.

It's developing innovative products. It's telling your story. It's connecting with customers.

That's not to say that marketing is some magical-fluffy-adventure.

Markets are competitive. It's not always easy to stand out in a crowded market to capture a large base of loyal customers.

The following guide may help get you there. It's a back-to-basics look at marketing strategy and techniques that work.

Marketing Strategy 20+ Marketing Strategies
A list of common strategies.

Soft Sell
A subtle promotional message.

Hard Sell
An aggressive sales pitch.

Targeting customers by how they think.

Vapor Publicity
Publicizing your potential future.

Win-win Publicity
Finding lucrative publicity partnerships.

Product Differentiation
20+ product differentiation examples.

Commitment Marketing
Commitment as a marketing strategy.

Rollout Strategy
How you rollout your strategy is as important as your strategy itself.
BrandsHow To Choose A Brand Name
30+ techniques for choosing a brand name.

Brand Symbols
20+ types of brand symbol.

How To Build A Brand
A list of brand strategies.

Mission Statements
How to write a business or brand mission.

Mission vs. Vision
Why you need a vision.

Brand Persona
How to give your brand personality.

Brand Language
The surprising benefits of creating a language.

Brand Recognition
Customers buy what they recognize.

Aspirational Brand Strategy
Pricing things out of reach to achieve social status.

PrinciplesSocial Proof
Social proof explained.

Empathy Principle
Why emotion sells.

Authenticity Principle
Why so many success stories are real.

Information Principle
How to sell with information.

Smart Customer Principle
Why your customers are smart.

TechniquesCustomer Experience
Customer experience explained.

The basis of all marketing is a good story.

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