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Innovation Guide

        posted by , June 04, 2013

Innovation is something new that has value.

That means different things to different people. To economists, it's the source of future economic growth. To executive managers it's a strategy and a culture. To entrepreneurs and product development teams — it's a moment of inspiration.

The following guide provides strategies and techniques for innovation at each level.

BasicsWhy Innovation Is Important
Why innovation is changing the fundamental physics of the economic universe.

Where Does Innovation Live?
The 9 sources of innovation.

Innovation Principles
40 principles of innovation.

TechniquesHow To Innovate
A cheat sheet of innovation techniques.

Innovation Management
What innovation management really means.

Inspiration vs Perspiration
Is there any such thing as a repeatable pattern of innovation?

Evolution of Ideas
Why good ideas always win in the long run.

Innovation of Words
Can words improve your ability to innovate?

Are you willing to drop reality to innovate?

The TRIZ innovation framework.

Innovation CultureHow to Create An Innovation Culture
15+ ways to make your corporate culture more innovative.

Economics of InnovationTransient Advantage
The new velocity of competitive advantage.
ChallengesInnovation Challenges
10 reasons large organizations have innovation challenges.

Managing Innovative ChangeOrganizations and people tend to resist change. This is especially true for innovative changes that may represent a radical shift of ideas. The following strategies & techniques are designed to conquer resistance to change.

Change Management Guide
A guide to managing innovative change at the organizational, program, project or team level.

Why Resist Change?
Why people tend to resist innovative change.

Change Management Principles
The 22 principles of change management.

Inventions Inventions Ahead of Their Time
9 amazing inventions that were ahead of their time.

SkillsInnovation Skills
The 60 skills related to innovation.

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