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How to Win At Sales

        posted by , May 23, 2013

You're not born with it. Sales is an art that can be learned.

Naturals do exist, if you ask new graduates to sell — some will do better than others based on abilities such as assertiveness. However, a salesperson with the right tools and training beats a natural every time.

That's good news.

It means that if you work on your skills you can eventually exceed any target that's set. You can lead your team to new heights.

The following collection of sales tools is based upon everything from military strategy to Zig Ziglar. They are designed to help you and your team to sell.


Marketing & sales are just as strategy-intensive as war or politics. It's best to know the following strategies.

Sales StrategyDoor in the Face
Why the heck would a door-to-door sales person want a customer to slam a door in their face?

Foot in the Door
Go for a relationship first then sell, sell, sell.

The fearless strategy of asking for more at the close.

How to counter a bogey.

Low Ball
Make an irresistible offer ... with a catch.

20 + closing strategies that aren't for the timid.

How to overcome objections.

Negotiation TechniquesDiplomacy (15 Techniques)
Adversarial Negotiation (18 Techniques)
Influence to Negotiate (34 Techniques)
Business StrategyDefense in Depth
The Army Field Manual of Military Operations

Tips, Techniques & Advice

Guides to selling and related skills such as public speaking and negotiation.

MotivationsWhy Customers Buy (58 Reasons)
PrinciplesSales Principles (50 Principles)
Soft Skills TrainingHow To Win at Negotiation
How to Give Magnetic Presentations
Tips & AdviceSelling Tips From the King of Advertising (48 Tips)
Inspiring Sales Quotes (50 Quotes)
Sales TrainingSales Training Ideas (18 Ideas)


A number of tools to help you get your next sales position including a list of skills for sales, interview questions and answers.

SkillsA skills inventory that can be used to build your resume, training plan or performance assessments.

Sales Skills (95 Skills)

Soft Skills
Leadership (59 Skills)
Public Speaking (89 Skills)
Presentations (22 Skills)
Time Management (34 Skills)
Interpersonal (80 Skills)
Communication (90 Skills)
Visual Communication (83 Skills)
Negotiation (103 Skills)

Related Skills
Management (100 Skills)
MBA (110 Skills)
Executive Leadership (111 Skills)

InterviewsSales professionals are expected to be able to sell themselves in an interview. These questions & answers will help you to practice before your next job interview.

Sales Interview Questions (122 Questions)

Soft Skills
Leadership (101 questions)
Negotiation Skills (97 Questions)
Communication Skills (70 questions)
Time Management (50 questions)

Answers to Sticky Questions
Answers to Oddball Questions
Answers to Open-Ended Questions
Answers to Close-Ended Questions

Sales Management & Leadership

Leading a sales team? These resources might help.

MetricsSales Metrics (177 Metrics)

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