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Competitive Advantage

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The 6 laws of the business jungle.

Competitive advantage decays.

Competitive Advantage is an optimist's wonderland — does your business have a realistic view?

Sustainable competitive advantage is another animal. It's an advantage that keeps going for many years or decades. Ideally, forever.

The relatively new economic concept behind the strategy of innovative companies such as Google.

Everything you wanted to know about commodities but were afraid to ask.

A business with competitive advantage is like a star professional athlete: they're in a league of their own. They're not necessarily good at everything but they do a few things very well.

Sustainable competitive advantage is dead, long live transient advantage.

Risk is bad and should be minimized … right?

Why would a door-to-door sales person want a customer to slam a door in their face?

Business methods that are known to deliver superior results.

A risky strategy that comes up more than you'd expect. Burning your bridges is a military strategy that demonstrates your resolve to your opponent ...

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