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        posted by , June 27, 2016

Strategy is the art of leadership. It's the art of change.

People often speak of strategy as being a reaction to competition or change. That's missing the point.

Strategy is your ability to focus your creative energy to achieve results. It's not about tripping up the competition — it's about surpassing them in leaps and bounds.

The following guide may help you to cultivate winning strategies.

List of Business Strategies

A growing list of strategy overviews.

Competitive StrategyStrategies that focus on beating the competition.

Business Strategy vs. Chess Strategy
How to win at both.

Defense in Depth
A timeless military strategy for business.

Burning your bridges behind you.

Long Tail
Leveraging crowds as a competitive advantage.

Velocity Strategy
Prioritizing time over all else.

PrinciplesSuperiority of Defense
Defensive strategies tend to win.
Marketing StrategyMarketing Strategies
20+ timeless marketing strategies.

Commitment Strategy
Commitment as a marketing strategy.
Innovation StrategyInnovation Strategies
20+ techniques for innovation.

Fail Fast
How to fail for fun and innovation.

Sales StrategyNibble Sales Strategy
When to strike for more.

Foot in the Door
Establish relationships and then sell.

Door in the Face
The power of outlandish starts.

Low Ball
It's a bit tricky but it works.

Business ModelsArbitrage
Targeting price differences between markets.

Fitting into a time and place.

Negotiation StrategyNegotiation Guide
A guide to developing your negotiation skills.

How To Negotiate With a Bogeyman
A counterstrategy for a bogey.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
How to recognize and deal with attempts to trigger your fear instincts.

Adversarial Strategy
18 strategies for adversarial negotiation.

Influence to Negotiate
34 strategies for win-win negotiations.

Diplomacy for Negotiations
15 diplomacy strategies for negotiation.

BATNA Strategy
Know your alternatives before you negotiate.

Sustainability Strategies50 Sustainability Strategies
Building blocks of a sustainability strategy.
Human Resources StrategiesCorporate Language
Firms that talk the talk.

Internal Communication Strategies
22 internal communication strategies.
Career StrategyCareer Strategy
A guide to career strategy.

Dysfunctional Guide to Career Success
If we could ask the great leaders of history for career advice — what would they say?

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