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Strategy is your ability to focus your creative energy to achieve results.

It's tempting to treat your strategy like a new car. It's your baby. You want to protect it. Apply some polish to it. Protect it from the weather. This is a giant mistake.

If you take business and strip it down to its most basic goals — what does it look like?

Sustainability strategies can be used as building blocks of a balanced sustainability program that prioritizes people, planet and profit.

How bad habits drove the greatest strategic victories in history.

Sustainable competitive advantage is the ability of a business to survive into the future. It's a strategy ...

Business isn't war. However, business and war do have one significant thing in common: they are both intensely competitive.

How your business captures value.

Arbitrage Explained »

How to develop and implement winning strategies.

How to Challenge Mediocrity »

The art of chess is to see future outcomes and apply strategies to win. Business is no different.

The intrigue of communication strategy.

How to Answer a Loaded Question »

How an ancient battle strategy evolved to become a modern business and technology strategy.

A long tail is the type of thing that gets statisticians excited.

The most important statement your business can make.

How To Write A Mission Statement That Rocks »

How To Write A Vision Statement »

A risky strategy that comes up more than you'd expect. Burning your bridges is a military strategy that demonstrates your resolve to your opponent ...

When best practices become strategies unto themselves competitive advantage quickly erodes.

Superiority of Defense is a principle of strategy that states that defensive strategies tend to be stronger than offensive strategies.

The fascinating world of business tactics.

Strategies that fail to adapt to these forces are a recipe for disaster.

20+ examples of business strategies.

A strategic option that has been both successful and disastrous.

Fail fast is a business strategy that quickly, cheaply and safely validates approaches before committing to a big investment.

How to speed past your competition.

Can risk be positive? A back-to-basics risk management definition.

Simple and applicable business definitions.

A critical business topic that's widely misunderstood.

People cling to information like a frog adrift in the ocean clings to a coconut.

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