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Authenticity Principle Explained

        posted by , June 06, 2013

What Is It?

The authenticity principle is a marketing strategy that goes for truth in marketing.

It's based on the idea that genuine messages are more effective because they ring true with customers.

Definition: Authenticity Principle

Marketing messages that align with the realities of your business, brand, corporate culture and customer experience are more effective.

So What?

The authenticity principle is based on the observation that most successful businesses, brands and individuals aren't faking it. There's something genuine about their message.

If your competition are genuine and you're not — you're in trouble.

How To Be Authentic

Being authentic isn't always easy. It often means that you have to tackle core business issues.

Start by focusing on the positive aspects of your business. If you sell food that isn't healthy, highlight taste. If your customer experience isn't great, highlight your price.

The best thing about authentic marketing is that it gives you motivation to improve your business. Go for genuine improvements of your:

  • Customer Experience
    If your end-to-end customer experience inspires, you're in good shape.

  • Sustainability Practices
    Prioritize people, profits and planet.

  • Corporate Culture
    Create a culture of engaged, creative employees.

  • Products
    Products with genuine appeal.

  • Symbols
    Symbols that accurately reflect your business.

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