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72 Technology Quality Examples

        posted by , March 14, 2013

If you've got higher quality technology than your competitors — you win.

Quality is more than a mobile phone that doesn't break or an operating system that doesn't crash. Quality is the value of technology.

Technology quality is usually defined in terms of adjectives such as efficiency and durability.

Technology is a fundamental part of our lifestyles, cultures and businesses. There's no end to the adjectives that can be used to define technology quality.

Quality TypeExample
Design Quality (User Centered Design)The quality of a user interface.

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

A mobile device that people appreciate for its artistic design.

2. Functional Shape (Form)

A light, thin tablet computer.

3. Accessible

A website thats accessible to people who have visual impairments.

4. Culture Fit

A mobile device that a culture embraces.

5. Quality Feel

A mobile device that looks and feels like it's made with high quality materials.

6. Stable

A web browser that doesn't crash.

7. Familiar

A website with standard navigational features that are familiar to users such as a search box.

8. Friendly

A voice operated device that has a friendly voice.

9. Helpful

Software that helps you when you don't know how to use it.

10. Intuitive

A website with intuitive navigation.

11. Learnable

A cloud storage service that's easy to learn.

12. Real Time

A business reporting tool that generates custom reports instantly.

13. Useful

A mobile app that makes your daily routine easier.

14. Safe

A social network that protects users from spam and harassment.

15. Small

A small memory card.

16. Unified

A mobile device that has a unified user interface.

17. Personable

A car navigation system that has a persona (almost seems to have a personality).
Brand QualityThe perceived quality of a technology brand. Your brand is your reputation. Internal corporate tools can also be branded. Customers may rely heavily on brand to judge quality.

18. Distinct

A brand of mobile devices that stands out in a crowded market.

19. Stylized

A software brand that's instantly recognizable by the style of its user interface.

20. Timely

A mobile device that hits the market at just the right time.

21. Experience

A brand of web design tools that provide a creative experience.

22. Tested

A laptop that was throughly tested before being shipped to the customer.

23. Right Price

A somewhat expensive tablet computer that's worth every penny.

24. Satisfies Needs & Desires

A social network that helps you connect with your friends.

Automation QualityThe quality of automated and semi-automated processes and tools.

25. Smart

A flight navigation system that detects proximity to other aircraft in flight and automatically avoids collisions.

26. Accurate

An order processing system that never gets an order wrong.

27. Adaptable

A traction control system in your car that adapts to bad weather.

28. Available

A flight navigation system that never goes down.

29. Capable

A customer relationship management system that's capable of forecasting sales based on trends and pipeline data.

30. Efficient

A data center cooling system that minimizes energy consumption.

31. Necessary

A risk management automation that's required by regulators.

32. Improvable

A manufacturing process that creates knowledge that's used to continually improve product quality.

33. Sophisticated

An equity trading algorithm that beats the competition at high frequency trading.

34. Visual

A manufacturing process that provides visual quality controls that can be used to spot problems.

35. Zero Touch

An order-to-billing process that's zero touch (no humans need to do anything).

36. Lean

A lean manufacturing process that minimizes production costs.

Standards & Best PracticesOne way to define quality is with standards & best practices.

37. Standards

A mobile device that's certified to meet technical standards.

38. Compliance

A risk management process that's compliant with regulations.

39. Best Practices

An IT service that implements ITIL practices.

Service & System QualityThe quality of services and systems.

40. Deployable

An accounting tool that's deployable to a cloud platform.

41. Elastic

A cloud computing service that can be scaled up and down on demand.

42. Ubiquitous

A wireless telecom provider that provides service everywhere.

43. Fault Tolerant

A flight navigation system that is fault tolerant.

44. Maintainable

An ERP system that's inexpensive to maintain.

45. Extensible

A cloud platform that can be extended with saas services.

46. Economical

A cloud storage service that's economical.

47. Integrated

A bank settlement system that's integrated with other banks.

48. Reliable

A global positioning system (GPS) that's reliable.

49. Mature

A billing system that's mature and reputable.

50. Open

A big data platform that's open source.

51. Operable

A aircraft flight control system that's easy to operate.

52. Optimal

A spacecraft navigation system that's optimal.

53. Resilient

An operating system that's resilient to application errors.

54. Robust

An enterprise architecture with robust common services.

55. Scalable

A web platform that can be deployed to cloud.

56. Simple

A flight control system with simple controls that are designed to reduce human error.

57. Stable

An operating system that's stable.

58. Sustainable

A manufacturing process that produces minimal waste and is sustainable.

59. Testable

A flight control system that is testable.

60. Measurable

A sales system that produces sales metrics.

Information Quality

61. Credible

A news website that publishes only credible information.

62. Explorable

A website that allows you to dive deeper into a topic.

63. Knowledgeable

A document repository that holds valuable knowledge.

64. Fresh

A website that provides fresh information.

65. Interesting

A social network that's interesting.

66. Entertaining

A game that's entertaining.

67. Relevant

A navigation system that provides you will relevant directions as you drive.

68. Confidential

A social network that maintains the confidentiality of your photos.

69. Secure

A cloud storage service that's secure.

70. Unbiased

A decision support system that provides unbiased analysis of decision data.

71. Hierarchical

A project management tool that provides a hierarchical view of project risks.

72. Organized

A travel website that's organized by destination.

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