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50 Quality Customer Service Examples

        posted by , March 19, 2013

Quality is in the eye of the beholder.

Just ask your customers. You'll find that your customers define quality with colorful adjectives.

Definition: Customer Service Quality

Customer service quality is a satisfying experience.

The following examples are commonly cited by customers as being essential to a quality customer experience.

1. Accessible

A movie theatre that's wheelchair accessible.

2. Accommodating

A restaurant that does their best to accommodate special requests (e.g. off menu orders).

3. Accurate

A telecom company that sends out accurate bills.

4. Adaptable

An airline that bends the rules once in a while. For example, empowering employees to make judgment calls on overweight badge fees (e.g. not charging for being a pound overweight).

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

A spa with an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere (e.g. staff speak softly).

6. Attentive

A restaurant with a low server-to-customer ratio that trains its staff to be attentive to the customer's needs.

7. Available

A bank website with 24x7 telephone support.

8. Balanced

A server at a restaurant who balances friendly conversation with respect for customer's privacy (e.g. customers on a date might not want to spend the entire evening talking to the server).

9. Branded

A chain of coffee shops with a distinct customer experience that's part of the brand.

10. Calm

A call center that handles customer complaints in a calm, professional manner.

11. Candid

An airline that's candid about the reason for delays.

12. Capable

A bartender who wows customers with his/her mixology.

13. Clear

A telecom company that sends out clear, understandable bills.

14. Compliant

An airline that's compliant with rules and regulations.

15. Consistent

A restaurant that provides consistent service levels.

16. Cooperative

A website doesn't ship internationally. When they get an inquiry from customers abroad they suggest competitors that do ship internationally.

17. Courteous

Hotel staff who always give customers the right of way in corridors.

18. Cultured

An international retail chain that adapts its customer service practices to the local culture.

19. Decisive

An airline that makes clear, decisive decisions whether to cancel a flight (rather than keeping passengers hanging).

20. Diligent

A mechanic who always repairs your car right the first time.

21. Diplomatic

A flight attendant who resolves a conflict between passengers.

22. Efficient

An airline check in counter that efficiently serves customers and avoids long lines.

23. Energetic

At most Japanese convenience stores, staff who are stocking shelves will run (literally) from the back of the store to open a new cash if there are two customers in line.

24. Engaged

Flight attendants who stay focused on service.

25. Entertaining

A bartender who entertains customers with conversation, stories and humor.

26. Enthusiastic

Bank employees who give the impression that they enjoy their job.

27. Fast

A restaurant that brings drinks as soon as they are ordered.

28. Friendly

A car mechanic who is always friendly to customers.

29. Functional

A flight crew who support each other and exhibit teamwork in service to passengers.

30. Helpful

A doctor who explains the reasons for his/her diagnosis in plain language.

31. Knowledgeable

Car salespeople who know their vehicles inside out.

32. Literate

Customer service representatives who use professional and correct language.

33. Magical

A theme park that creates a magical customer experience.

34. Organized

A doctor who is organized (e.g. knows the reason for your visit, has read your file).

35. Personable

Restaurant staff who are personable.

36. Prudent

An investment advisor who provides prudent advice.

37. Respectful

A restaurant that addresses customers with formal titles (e.g. sir).

38. Satisfying

A restaurant that refunds customers when they aren't completely satisfied.

39. Scalable

A restaurant chain with hundreds of locations that offers a high level of customer experience at every location.

40. Secure

A website that delivers security and data privacy.

41. Serious

An airline that takes customer feedback seriously.

42. Sincere

A doctor who cares about his/her patients.

43. Stylish

A hair salon with stylish staff.

44. Surprising

An airline that surprises customers with upgrades.

45. Sustainable

A hotel that gives customers the option of reusing their towels.

46. Tasteful

A florist with a sense of taste.

47. Thoughtful

A hotel that stocks useful items that customers might have forgotten to pack (e.g. toothbrushes).

48. Timely

A server at a restaurant who always seems to appear just as you want something.

49. Unobtrusive

An airline that doesn't wake customers for a meal service but instead leave a note saying the customer can request the meal at their convenience.

50. Useful

A consultant who provides useful advice to clients.

51. Well-mannered

A technical support service that's always polite.

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