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5 Business Dashboard Examples That Have CEO Appeal

        posted by , July 09, 2011

Does your CEO place a high value on decision support tools? These 5 dashboards have CEO appeal — simple yet informative.

1. Is your business on target?

A weekly dashboard that reports on the status of your quarterly business targets.

business dashboard example

This is a top level dashboard that provides the ability to drill down into the 4 dashboards below.

2. Sales Dashboard

Quarter-to-date sales metrics and trend indicators.

sales dashboard

3. Sales Pipeline Dashboard

Sales pipeline metrics provide visibility into future sales. Quotes, proposals and deals indicate short term sales. Leads and prospects are indicative of sales in upcoming quarters.

sales pipeline dashboard

4. Project Dashboard

Status of the top 10 projects across the company.

project dashboard

5. ITIL Dashboard

Service Management metrics and open incidents often get the attention of the CEO (particularly when services are customer facing).

ITIL dashboard

Business and Operations Dashboards

Business and Operations Dashboards are not represented here because they are difficult to generalize across industries.

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Tactics for disarming a loaded question.

Management by exception frees you to focus on strategic goals.

Business dashboard design is a skill — are you dashboard savvy?

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