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400+ Advertising Adjectives

        posted by , May 07, 2013

Your adjectives can make or break your ad slogans and copy. The following list of advertising adjectives may help inspire your next slogan.

Positive Advertising Adjectives

The following list of positive adjectives are commonly used in advertisements.

able detailed knowledgeable
absolute determined known
acceptable devoted large
acclaimed different last
accomplished digital lasting
accurate diligent leading
active direct lean
actual discrete likable
adept downright lively
admirable dramatic massive
admired dry mature
adorable eager mellow
adorable early memorable
adored earnest modern
advanced easy mysterious
adventurous easy-going natural
aggressive ecstatic neat
agile educated necessary
alert elaborate new
alive elastic nice
all elated normal
altruistic elegant noteworthy
amazing eminent nutritious
ambitious emotional obvious
ample enchanting only
amusing energetic optimal
anchored enlightened optimistic
ancient enormous ordinary
animated entire original
another essential passionate
antique esteemed peaceful
any ethical perfect
appropriate euphoric playful
artistic everlasting pleasant
assured excellent pleasing
astonishing exciting plush
attentive exemplary polished
attractive exotic popular
authentic expensive posh
automatic experiencedpositive
average expert possible
aware extra powerful
awesome fabulous practical
beautiful fair precious
beneficial familiar precious
best famous present
better fancy prestigious
big fantastic private
blissful fast productive
blushing favorableprofitable
bold favorite proud
bouncy fearless quaint
bountiful fine quick
brave firm quiet
brief first rapid
bright flashy rare
brilliant flawless ready
brisk fluid real
bubbly focused realistic
bustling formal reasonable
busy forthright regular
buzzing fortunate reliable
calculating frank remarkable
calm frequent remote
candid fresh rewarding
carefree friendly rich
careful functional right
caring funny ripe
cautious fuzzy robust
celebrated general royal
charming gentle safe
cheap genuine satisfied
cheerful giant secret
cheery gifted serious
chief gigantic sharp
classic giving silent
clean glamorous simple
clear glittering small
clear-cut good smart
clever graceful solid
cold gracious sophisticated
colorful grand specific
colossal grateful speedy
comfortable green spirited
common gregarious spotless
compassionate grounded stable
competent growing standard
complete happy stimulating
composed hard-to-find strong
considerate harmless stylish
conventional helpful substantial
cool honest sweet
cooperative honorable tempting
coordinated hopeful thankful
courageous huge tidy
courteous humble tiny
creative ideal uncommon
critical imaginative unequaled
cultured immaculate unique
cute immediate united
daring important unsung
darling impressive unusual
dazzling incredible usable
decent indelible valuable
decisive infatuated vibrant
deep infinite victorious
definite informal virtuous
definitive intelligent wild
delectable interesting willing
delicious international wonderful
delightful judicious worthy
dependable juicy young
descriptive keen youthful

Negative Adjectives

Negative adjectives can also come in handy from time to time.

alarming dependent late
alienated difficult lazy
anguished dim lost
awful disastrous mad
awkward dismal mean
babyish distant messy
bare dreary miserable
basic dull misguided
bitter embarrassed monstrous
bland empty naive
blank envious narrow
bleak excitable nerdy
blind exhausted odd
bogus failing oddball
boring faint offbeat
bossy fake overcooked
breakable few overdue
broken foolish pessimistic
bruised frightening petty
bumpy frosty plain
careless frozen political
clueless fumbling rusty
clumsy gloomy selfish
cluttered greedy shabby
complex grim slow
complicated grouchy smug
concerned guilty stale
confused gullible sticky
corny hard strange
costly hidden strict
crafty horrible sudden
crazy icky tame
creepy icy terrible
crowded idle tricky
damaged imaginary trivial
dangerous imperfect turbulent
dark impossible unfortunate
deafening improbable unhappy
defenseless incomplete unlucky
defensive infamous useless
defiant insecure wasteful
deficient jaded weak
delayed jealous weird
demanding lame worrisome

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