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35 Examples of Quality

        posted by , February 27, 2013

Quality is to business what gravity is to the universe.

But what is quality? Most of us have an idea in our head about quality. It's something that doesn't break. It's an expensive brand. It's air that's not poisonous.

Definition of Quality

Quality is the merit of something. A product, service, method or experience is high quality if it is fit for purpose.

The words fit for purpose are key to understanding the business definition of quality. The purpose of air is breathing. Therefore, fit for purpose air is healthy.

Quality (fitness for purpose) is always a judgment call. One person's junk is another person's treasure. From a business perspective quality may be defined by the market or by best practices.

The following adjectives are commonly used to describe quality:

1. Usable

A quality website is usable.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Quality art is aesthetically pleasing.

3. Functional

A quality business process is functional and efficient.

4. Secure

A quality mobile device is secure, usable and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Reliable

A quality car is reliable, safe and fun to drive.

6. Defect (Bug) Free

Quality software is bug free, usable and reliable.

7. Maintainable

Quality bicycles are easy to maintain.

8. Operable

Quality parachutes are easy to operate, safe and reliable.

9. Accessible

Quality elevators are accessible, reliable and safe.

10. Sustainable

Quality energy sources are sustainable.

11. Reusable

Quality packaging is reusable.

12. Stable

Quality tightropes are stable and reliable.

13. Interoperable

Quality memory cards are interoperable (work in a wide variety of devices).

14. Credible

Quality news programs are credible and informative.

15. Available

Quality mobile services always have a signal (availability).

16. Ethical

Quality medical clinics are professional and ethical.

17. Friendly

Quality service is friendly and diligent.

18. Durable

Quality luggage is durable.

19. Robust

A quality system is robust.

20. Fault Tolerant

Quality aircraft are fault tolerant.

21. Scalable

Quality web platforms are scalable.

22. Adaptable

Quality office designs are adaptable.

23. Testable

Quality software is testable.

24. Powerful

A quality sports car is powerful.

25. Standards Compliant

Quality factories meet safety and environmental standards.

26. Compliant With Law

Quality businesses comply with the law.

27. Accurate

Quality weather forecasts are accurate.

28. Relevant

Quality search results are relevant.

29. Fair

Quality legal systems are fair.

30. Fast

Quality fast food is fast and tasty.

31. Reputable

Quality law firms are reputable.

32. Safe

Quality flights are comfortable and safe.

33. Healthy

Quality food is healthy.

34. Efficient

Quality air conditioners are efficient and reliable.

35. Profitable

Quality businesses are profitable and ethical.

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